Wednesday, December 14, 2011

less than a week to go!!

I just remembered that I have a blog XD
BTW, it's now available by this link:

You know what people say about the army, that it's all bad, that you will gain nothing of it and that it's much better being a civilian... Well I can't say all that about myself, at the beginning I was like that, but now when it all ends, I just understand how much things I understood in life, because of the army, and how much I gained from it, that who knows how much time it would to gain as a civillian, I've met many people, and many of them will still be my friends after the army, and i've got so much privilege to do things, and none would dare to let me do as a civillian man.
But still, everything has an end. I just hope I'll do better as a civillian :)

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